Balancing 10+ Roles as a Dietitian- My Interview with Registered Dietitian Approved

Balancing 10+ Roles as a Dietitian

Earlier in the year someone told me the people who make the most money have MULTIPLE streams of income. I started looking at my current streams of income and started dreaming on how to create more. In this video I share about how I balance 10+ roles as a dietitian.


Registered Dietitian Approved

I had so much fun being interviewed by my new friends at Registered Dietitian Approved.

Marissa and Austin are two dietitians dedicated to building up dietitians, helping them take over Instagram, and live out their best careers. They have created an amazing Instagram Course for RDs (I’ve taken it- it’s great!), sell awesome RD swag online, and are starting a mentoring program (watch out world!).

I cannot wait to see what they do next. They are totally going places and bringing other RDs along with them! Check out our interview below and be sure to follow Registered Dietitian Approved on Instagram and Facebook.

And go buy yourself some swag!

My roles as a dietitian

In the video above I share about how I balance all of the hats I wear:

  • Full-time Home Care dietitian (11 years)
  • Past-Chair Healthy Aging DPG
  • Sponsorship Chair Oregon Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics
  • Special Examination Workgroup Member for CDR’s CSG Exam
  • Blogger (The Geriatric Dietitian)
  • Podcaster (Dietitian Side Hustle)
  • Freelance writer
  • Speaker
  • Resource developer through RD2RD
  • Preceptor
  • Mentor
  • Mom, Wife, Runner

While this list may seem like a lot, there is a lot of balance in all of these roles. There are seasons I am busy and others that I am not. I also focus on self-care making sure I never burn out. These are all things I LOVE doing and nutrition is my hobby.

RD Side Hustlers- You Can Do it Too!

I hope you enjoy this video and feel inspired to get started following your dreams today. Comment below and let me know your thoughts! (Or ask me any questions you may have)

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