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Welcome to the Dietitian Side Hustle!

Are you a dietitian? Dietetic intern? Student or RD2BE? Do you work full-time and are looking to start a little hustle on the side? Or maybe you are a side hustler and you just want to up your game? Or maybe you are just dreaming of what your perfect dietitian side hustle can look like? Where ever you are at in your career, I am so glad you are here.

The Dietitian Side Hustle is a place to learn and be inspired to take action. Be sure to subscribe to the podcast– short, informative, and actionable episodes will be posted every 2 weeks to keep you inspired to hustle.

Check out our resource page for additional information on how to hustle. And if you are ready to get started, get focused, and bring your side hustle dreams to life- check out our free getting started worksheet and/or coaching opportunities.

Thank you visiting and be sure to share what you’ve learned with other dietitians and RD2BEs… we are all in this together.

xoxo Katie Dodd


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