Top Gifts for Dietitian Side Hustlers

Top Gifts for Dietitian Side Hustlers

I created this guide to include some of the top gifts for dietitian side hustlers!! These gifts are great for holidays, celebrations, or just because. There are 40 gift ideas- don’t forget to snag a gift your YOU too!

Please note, most of the links in this article are *affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate, I earn on qualifying purchases.

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If you know of any awesome gifts for dietitians that should be on this list, comment below or shoot me an email!

Books and Journals

I love reading for personal and professional development. And I love a good journal. Here are some of my favorites!!

The Dietitian Coloring Book

I made The Dietitian Coloring Book after taking an amazing course on self-publishing called Click to Publish*.

The Dietitian Coloring book is a wonderful gift for students and dietitians. This 100-page coloring book contains over a dozen different types of fun activities!


Mindset: The New Psychology of Success by Carlol Dweck is a wonderful book for learning more about mindset.

As an entrepreneur, I’ve come to learn that mindset is everything. In work, side hustles, and life. This personal development book is sure to shift your perspective on how you see yourself and the world.

The 5 AM Club

First off, this book is odd. Second, it is amazing!

The 5AM Club is the most unique professional development book I’ve ever read. You follow a story of an unexpected couple… and get so many amazing gems of inspiration and education along the way.

Atomic Habits

This hardcover book makes a wonderful gift. It’s all about how tiny changes can lead to HUGE results in our lives. I’ve gifted this book the most to dietitian side hustlers.

To find even more book ideas, check out my blog article on Books for Side Hustlers.

Fulfilling 5 Journal

The Fulfilling 5 Journal is a book I created to help dietitians stay focused and fulfilled. This 90-day journal includes the fulfilling 5 daily checklists along with space for gratitude and journaling.

Using this journal helps you focus on your whole health and stay grounded while taking steps towards your big, audacious goals.

Lemon Notebook

This 120- page blank lined journal was created by fellow dietitian Liz Jalkiewicz.

It is a simple and cute journal to write down your dreams, goals, aspirations, or even simple notes. I have this notebook myself and use it for notetaking when I take awesome courses!

Dot Journal

Dietitian Mandy Tyler has created several fun dot journals. How cute is this “Guac on!” journal?!

If you’ve never used a dot journal before, Google it. Seriously. You can use a dot journal for taking notes, making epic checklists (what dietitian doesn’t love a good checklist?!), and more!

Dietitian Journal

Dietitian Rochelle Kirwan Inwood has created several pun journals for dietitians.

These journals feature cute puns with fruits and veggies. I love her Dietitians are One In-a-Melon journal. And it’s a good reminder for dietitians as they are pursuing their side hustle dreams!

Techy Stuff

A Good Laptop

Up until last year I always had the cheapest laptop I could find… they were clunky, slow, and not the best use of my time and money. Then I bought this laptop. And I LOVE it!

It is so fast, lightweight, and touchscreen (I can never go back!). Plus the laptop folds backward so it can be used as a tablet- it includes an integrated pen.


In this day and age- a good microphone is needed. For Zoom, interviews, courses, webinars, social media, podcasts, and more. And the good news is, these microphones are really affordable.

The Samson microphone is the exact model I use for my content including the Dietitian Side Hustle Podcast. I also have a foam mic cover to minimize wind-type noises.

Clock Timer

This clock timer is amazing for time management. You simply rotate the clock to your choice of preset times printed on the face of the timer. When that number is on the top, the countdown begins.

When working on tasks in my biz, I use the timer to make sure I don’t spend forever on tasks that don’t necessarily move the biz forward. This clock is seriously a game-changer!

Travel Charger Set

Dietitian side hustlers use their phones for work. When on the go, make sure you have a good charger set with a battery pack and the plug-ins needed.

I like this charger because it is compact and has 3 types of plugs- I can share it with friends and family if needed regardless of the device they have.

Ring Light

Anyone who uses video needs a ring light. Whether you are in Zoom meetings, work with clients, are interviewed, record courses, or create content for social… quality video is important.

This ring light is perfect for the desk, but can be easily moved as well. It has several light-quality options and is still quite affordable.

Blue Light Glasses

We all spend way too much time on devices. These blue light-blocking glasses can help to minimize the fatigue that comes from being online too much.

Plus, it’s a 2-pack. Get one for you and for a friend!

Echo Dot Clock

My family loves Alexa. We have one in nearly every room in our house. The echo dot with the clock is perfect for the office because you can see the time and ask Alexa all of your questions.

This Alexa device makes the perfect gift for those new to smart speakers or who need another unique device for their home.

Mini Projector

If your side hustle includes presentations at all why not have your own projector? In this day and age they are surprisingly affordable and easy to store/transport.

Plus you can use these with the family- for BIG movies inside, outside, or while camping.

Office Stuff

Inspirational Pens

I love a good pen- especially a super cute, motivational one!! These high-quality metal pens write great. They’ve become my go-to pens!

The pens feature these inspirational phrases: Go for It, Let’s Do This, Make it Happen.

Do Not Disturb Sign

Have you ever considered a Do Not Disturb sign for your home?! I got so tired of putting sticky notes on my door to indicate I was in a meeting. Then I found this affordable, amazing sign.

It’s perfect for kids too- younger kids can understand the red-light-green-light color coding.

Post-It Notes

Who doesn’t love a good post-it note? Quality is important with sticky notes- and 3M makes the very best. Beyond notes (and to-do lists), I use post-it notes for inspirational quotes, to write down my big goals, and to plan out big ideas and content.

This cute set includes 15 different colors of super sticky post-it notes.

Comfy Seat Wedge

I’m a work-from-home entrepreneur. And I spend way too much time at my desk. My tailbone was starting to hurt from all of the sitting.

Then a PT friend recommended this wedge. I bought it, and sitting has never been the same!

Standing Desk

Sitting too much is just not good for us. In addition to the comfy seat wedge I mentioned above, I use a standing desk periodically throughout the day.

I actually have 2 desks in my office. A standard desk and a small standing desk. But this awesome product allows you to turn a standard desk into a standing desk- at a fraction of the cost!


Sharpies are the best! And a big pack with tons of unique colors?! They make a wonderful gift for dietitian side hustlers.

This pack includes 24 different colors.

Dry Erase Board

I have a big dry-erase board on my wall for planning projects, tracking deadlines, and big goals. I think every dietitian side hustler needs a good dry-erase board to help them dream big!

This set is nice because it’s small, can be dropped up on a desk, and includes markers and an eraser.

Desk Organizer

An organized side hustler is a happy side hustler. This compact desk organizer is perfect for holding papers, books, notebooks, mail, pens, and supplies.

A desk organizer, laptop, and cell phone are really all the office you need for most side hustles!

Things You Never Knew You Needed

Inflatable Hot Tub

In 2020 I decided I wanted a hot tub… until I realized the price. Holy moly! Plus, at the time there were some serious supply chain issues. I didn’t want to wait 9 months.

Then I discovered inflatable hot tubs… for a fraction of the price. At first, I was hesitant- how good could these actually be?! Newsflash- they are amazing. They are designed to be kept up long term. And they get super-hot.

This was my #1 fav purchase of 2020. Hands down.

Bidet Toilet Attachment

Hear me out. You need this. And yes, it makes an amazing gift. Because EVERYONE needs this!!

I bought this same product a little over a year ago. My husband was able to set it up easily. And since using this puppy, there is no going back to plain old toilet paper. This is a silly, but GOOD gift!

Instant Pot

Do you have an Instant Pot yet?! If not, you kind of need one. They are a great cooking tool with so much versatility. And it cooks your food fast with fewer dirty dishes.

Since getting an Instant Pot I have gotten rid of my slow cooker and rice cooker, saving some extra space in the cupboards. It cooks food fast and well. Plus, you can use it to make delicious homemade yogurt. Hello, probiotics!

Cinnamon Tea

I love this tea!! It is strong, super tasty, and doesn’t need any sweetener. I drink this exact product almost daily. Hot or iced- both are amazing!

And it comes in a cute tin. So it makes a great gift. You can help make someone else become completely obsessed with this delicious tea.


I bought this on a trip with my husband for our anniversary (romantic right?!).

I initially purchased it because it made me giggle. But I use it every time I serve pasta and it brings a lot of joy into my home.

I also had my first viral Instagram Reel with this cute pasta-saurus! 😉

Hands-free Leash

If you have a dog, you need this leash. I didn’t even know a hands-free leash was a thing until this year. Now I can’t imagine life without one.

The leash is on a bungee-type cord so there is some give if your dog is a puller (like mine!). This hands-free leash makes it easier to walk your dog while on the phone, drinking coffee, or both!

Super Cute Chopsticks

I love everything rainbow (and sparkly). And after I discovered rainbow silverware*, I found these super cute chopsticks on Amazon.

I bought them for myself. And I use them all the time! I randomly love to eat frozen fruit with chopsticks. It’s fun and my fingers stay stain-free! These chopsticks have cute flowers and come in a nice box for a gift.

Unhide Blanket

I first discovered the Unhide Blanket from Fab Fit Fun* (more about them under the section “Things You Need to Buy for Yourself!”).

While I started with one Unhide Blanket… I now officially have an unhide problem. We have more of these blankets in my home than we have humans to snuggle up in them. These are the softest, most comfy, most snuggly blankets ever.

Software and Programs

These gifts are designed to save you time, make you money, and give you more skills in your side hustle!

Canva Pro*

A lot of dietitian side hustlers use Canva. There is a free version, but the pro version is pretty awesome!

If you are not familiar with Canva, it is a graphic-design tool that makes it SO easy to make professional-looking images. I use Canva for all of the graphics you may see on my websites and social media.

With Canva Pro* you have access to more images, and more tools, and can use the platform without trying to figure out workarounds. Plus it’s pretty affordable!

Jasper AI

Jasper AI is an artificial intelligence content platform that is AMAZING. I do not have this product myself (though I have used it before!). But I know so several dietitians who LOVE this resource.

Jasper AI can help you write and/or create images. You can use this tool to save time writing content like blog articles, newsletters, emails, and social media content. It will save you time and help get the creative juices flowing if you are stuck.

I am not an affiliate of this service, but my dietitian friend Chrissy is! Check out her article on Jasper AI and be sure to use her affiliate link if you do join!


Email marketing is important for dietitian side hustlers. There are free tools out there, but once you get a decent amount of subscribers, it is going to cost a lot of money to keep using that tool.

That’s why I like Flodesk. It is a low-priced, quality email marketing tool. And you can have an unlimited number of subscribers!

I offer a FREE mini-course to walk you through all of the steps for signing up, setting up, and using Flodesk. Check out my course before taking the plunge!

Key Search*

If you are a blogger, you need to learn SEO… and I absolutely recommend being a part of our exclusive Blogging Accelerator Program.

Instead of playing around with free tools for keyword research, invest in a paid tool that works. Keysearch is an affordable tool and the one I used to build my website The Geriatric Dietitian. Join using my affiliate link and use discount code KSDISC to save 20%!!

A Course from Dietitian Side Hustle

I am a BIG fan of using courses to fast-track your side hustle success. Learn from others who are doing what you want to do!

I offer many courses, including my signature program Blogging Accelerator Program. I actually do not recommend purchasing this one as a gift for someone else- it is a significant investment of time and finances… so really the right person has to be enrolled in this program. But if that’s you- it’s a perfect gift for yourself!!

I offer 3 independent study courses (learn more here) that do make great gifts.

Check them out and help someone fast-track their side hustle success!

Things You Need to Buy for Yourself!!

I am cheap. I always have been. It’s been a huge mindset shift to become someone who buys premium. But as I’ve started investing in my business and myself, the game has changed. And I don’t think I can ever go back.

Here are some of the things that I now buy for myself.

House Cleaner

I do not like to clean. At all. I know some of you do, so this might not be something you need. But investing in a housekeeper changed the game for me!

When a house cleaner is cleaning my home, it gives me back my time. Now I have more time to work on my business, spend time with kids, or just do anything at all (that’s not cleaning- because I don’t like cleaning!).

I have an amazing house cleaner who comes to my home every 2 weeks. To find a house cleaner, I recommend using Google or a local Facebook group to find a quality and trusted independent house cleaner. Plus, it feels good knowing that I am supporting fellow entrepreneurs to live their dreams!

Meal Delivery Service

I am all about saving time. And meal delivery services can help you save the time (and mental energy) of shopping and planning meals.

I personally used Dinnerly because it was a lower price meal delivery service. But there are so many to choose from.

Dinnerly meal services were delicious, and convenient, saved me time, and it was a fun way to involve my kids in cooking.

If you don’t like cooking, consider hiring an actual chef. Seriously.

Lash Extensions

This year I started getting lash extensions. They aren’t cheap, but it’s a way I pamper myself. I find the hour appointment getting my lashes done super relaxing (I take a nap nearly every time!). And I like the way I look and feel with lash extensions. I don’t wear any makeup and still wake up looking like I do!

Lash extensions save me time in the morning (since I no longer do makeup) and I always feel camera ready. You absolutely don’t need makeup or extensions to be camera ready. But if makeup or extensions make you feel good- go for it!!

Fab Fit Fun

Fab Fit Fun* is a quarterly subscription service. I’ve been getting this service for nearly 2 years and it is really fun.

Fab Fit Fun has changed and you can now select every item you receive (in the past there were surprise items). But it’s a chance to get products you would have never bought on your own. And my kids help me unbox my Fab Fit Fun and use some of the products too!

Some of my favorite products have been an indoor planter with light where we grew tons of basil. A foldable picnic blanket for trips to the park. And some awesome skin and face products I still use to this day.

Fab Fit Fun is my quarterly gift to myself.


I love massages. They are relaxing and therapeutic. And I can’t make a list of things to buy yourself without including massage!

I know it can be so easy to get gifts for other people, but self-care for you is so important too. Massages aren’t cheap, but if you love massage- don’t wait for someone else to buy you a gift certification. Buy one (or many!) for yourself.

One of my financial goals was to be able to afford one massage per month. Maybe you want one per quarter… or one per week. Do it, my friend!!

Virtual Assistant

Last but not least on my list of gifts for dietitian side hustlers is a virtual assistant. Investing in a virtual assistant is the BEST gift for you to get back your time, make more money, and have someone else do the parts of your business that you no longer need to be doing.

I have a virtual assistant who helps me manage my blogs and I adore her! She does amazing work and helps keep my business running so I can continue to work on other ways to serve dietitians through Dietitian Side Hustle.

A good place to find virtual assistants is the Virtual Assistants for Dietitians Facebook Group.

Conclusion: Gifts for Dietitian Side Hustlers

This concludes my article on top gifts for dietitian side hustlers. I hope you found some amazing gift ideas for dietitians and yourself! We included some practical, useful, and time-saving gifts. But I also hope you enjoy those gifts that just spark joy and are fun.


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