Resources for Dietitian side hustlers

Sometimes it’s helpful to see some examples of what your side hustle can be. BUT, know the sky is the limit. There are so many opportunities!

Examples of what YOU can do for your dietitian side hustle:

  • Freelance writing
    • blogs, magazines, copy writing, editing, etc.
  • Webinars
    • live, on-demand, self-hosted, associations, businesses
  • Live speaking engagements
    • conferences, schools, libraries, businesses
  • One-on-one patient care
    • private practice, with a provider or facility, telehealth
  • Affiliate marketing
    • Sell products/services from other companies
  • Blogging
    • advertising, sponsored posts, membership sites, etc.
  • Teaching
    • for colleges, universities, online programs, etc.
  • Cooking classes
    • for health fairs, farmers markets, grocery stores, etc.
  • Podcasting
    • sponsors, lead magnet for service/content you offer
  • Working with brands
    • sponsored posts, collaboration, projects, etc.
  • Influencer
    • YouTuber, spokesperson,  social media
  • Coaching
    • nutrition coaching, dietitian coaching
  • Grocery store tours
    • for grocery stores, businesses, programs 
  • Culinary work
    • recipe development, food photography, food blogging
  • Selling physical goods (you created!)
    • foods, supplements, books, swag (clothes, etc)
  • Selling digital goods (you created!)
    • handouts, courses, tool kits, e-books
  • Direct sales
    • fitness, wellness, supplements, anything
  • Any-freaking-thing
    • Seriously!! I’ve heard of dietitians doing birthday parties (fun cooking demos for kids), teaching mermaid swimming classes (hey, nutrition and fitness go hand-in-hand), selling inspirational swag (my “you are enough” shirt is on it’s way!), etc. If it’s your passion, go for it. There is so much space for creativity and innovation in the world we live. You have ideas that are uniquely YOU, ideas the world needs to hear about and be changed by. Don’t worry about perfect, start your journey. 

There are so many dietitians rocking the entrepreneurial space!  Get to know these inspirational peeps and take advantage of their resources. Many of them offer free resources and others offer layers of paid resources.

My advice: If you find something REALLY you want to do- find someone who has already been there and learn from them; you will get there sooner, achieve better results, and be way less stressed. It takes money to make money, don’t be afraid to invest in your side hustle! 😉

Note: Links with a (*) are affiliate links- when you purchase through these links, I receive a small commission.

  • The Unconventional RD*
    • I can fan-girl all day long about Erica Julson. This dietitian makes a (pretty phenomenal) full-time wage and she doesn’t even see patients! She has unconventional gigs and can teach you how to make money online through her Business Bootcamp* courses. And her income reports on her blog are so inspiring.  Be sure to join her Facebook group to get inspired by other dietitians on the daily.
  • RD2RD Marketplace*
    • Megan with RD2RD created an amazing platform for digital resources sold to dietitians by dietitians. You can  build your own store and start selling your own digital nutrition resources TODAY!!! This is an easy way to get started in your side hustle- but remember you do need to do some marketing on your end to ensure your products are sold. Be sure to check out the RD2RD Blog for awesome entrepreneurial information and resources.
  • Dietitian HQ*
    • Heather with Dietitian HQ  has made a career out of being an entrepreneur. Dietitian HQ helps dietitians meet their potential. They offer a FREE Resource Library for entrepreneurial dietitians and host The RD Entrepreneur Symposium, an online conference for nutrition professionals. I virtually attended the Fall 2019 symposium and it was amazing!
  • Build a Wellness Blog
    • Chrissy is a dietitian blogger extraordinaire! She runs several successful blogs including Build a Wellness Blog which includes blogging tips, social media tips, and entrepreneurship information. Chrissy also offers blog coaching and, a super affordable SEO Challenge E-Book, and a Pinterest course* for dietitians and wellness bloggers.
  • A Dietitian’s Guide to Professional Speaking
    • Jessica is an exceptional speaker and has resources available to help dietitians start (and improve!) their public speaking game! Her website features the Dietitian’s Guide to Professional Speaking book and other resources to help dietitians get paid to speak! Be sure to join their Facebook group Dietitian Speakers as well.
  • Nutrition Jobs
    • Nutrition Jobs is a great place to find traditional and unique jobs in dietetics. They also offer services ranging from resume support to career guides. Be sure to check out their blog– it’s a good one with articles published weekly!
  • The Leveraged Practice
    • Stephanie with The Leveraged Practice is such a cool dietitian! She teaches people how to develop an online program for their practice. And wouldn’t it be nice to have a little passive income in your side hustle? Having an online program can help you reach more people and frees up more time. The Leveraged Practice also has a great podcast that will leave you inspired!
  • Ana Reisdorf, MS, RD
  • Tony Stephan, RD
    • Tony has dedicated his career to building up dietitians and is doing amazing work! He has a mentorship program, a mastermind retreat, a free client attraction course, and a dietitian coaching certification program with everything you need to successfully coach clients in your side hustle. Be sure to join his Facebook group to see all of the great stuff he and his crew are up to!
  • Sharper Edge Media Training
    • Abbey Sharp has courses available for dietitians looking to take their media skills to the next level to sky rocket their income.  She has courses for working with brands, social media, television, and YouTube. She has really unique items for purchase including the Ultimate Guide to Media Rates and a Brand Partnership Sample Email Toolkit- all of the resources you need to get started as an influencer in the nutrition space!
  • Root & Rise Academy
    • Root and Rise Academy offers nutrition career coaching for dietitians.  Allison is there to help you navigate your career so the world can receive your passion and talent! In addition to individual coaching, Root and Rise Academy is releasing it’s first online course- Career Clarity Workshop which includes live group coaching sessions and a 20+ page workbook. If you need a little help on getting clear in your career- check them out!
  • Money Mindset Dietitian
    • Christine Dyan, the Money Mindset Dietitian, can help you make more money as a dietitian. Who doesn’t want that? As her website says, she does this one mindset hack at a time. Mindset is so important! She has an awesome podcast, offers business coaching, courses, a mastermind, and is currently writing a book.
  • Libby Rothschild
    • Libby is a amazing dietitian, social media marketing expert, podcaster, and coach. In addition to private and group business coaching, she has a Dietitian Boss Instagram Course and a free Dietitian Boss Basics Workbook. I listen to her podcast Dietitian Boss and it is top notch, seriously, go subscribe! If you are Instagram, her page is one you need to be following.
  • The Reimbursement Dietitian
    • Amy is reimbursement pro. She helps dietitians create profitable nutrition practices using an insured-based payment model. She has a variety of excellent resources for dietitians (including several freebies!), a coaching program, an active Instagram page, and a super helpful blog full of business tips, insurance, policy, and reimbursement basics.
  • Fearless Practitioners
    • Adrien is a business strategist who helps dietitians grow and scale their private practice. She offers online training programs (including a FREE training video, a boss club, and private practice paperwork) and business coaching. She also hosts a fabulous podcast called Fearless Practitioners inspiring dietitians to take action in their daily practice.
  • Alissa Rumsey

Here are a couple other non-dietitian websites I have found helpful:

  • Artful Contracts*
    • Amy is a lawyer on a mission to make legal aspects of online business accessible to everyone. Save 10% on her resources using coupon code KATIEDODD.
  • The Legal Paige
    • Paige is a lawyer who teaches small business owners the legal way to run their business. She has an excellent podcast and numerous contract templates available for purchase.
  • Small Business Sarah
    • Sarah is an accountant who helps small business owners get a handle on bookkeeping and taxes. She has lots of tools and resources to help you figure out taxes and managing finances.

Here are some of the resources I use as an entrepreneur!

Note: Links with a (*) are affiliate links- when you purchase through these links, I receive a small commission.

  • SiteGround*
    • SiteGround is my preferred method for website hosting! I have gotten lost in the tech of building websites so many times and their customer service (online chat system) is amazing! Every staff members I’ve interacted with has been so helpful!! I highly recommend them and use them for all of my websites.
  • KeySearch*
    • This is the website I use for my key word research (a super important part of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)!). It’s not nearly as expensive as some tools out there and a great place to start! Use discount code KSDISC to save 20%!!
  • Google Domains
    • There are many services to purchase your website domain, but I choose to use Google Domains. Their website is super easy to use and see what pages are available. The annual price is super reasonable too!
  • Word Press (.org)
    • WordPress is a FREE software system to build your website.  Building a website can be confusing- that is for sure! But I 1000% recommend building one on because YOU own the website and can monetize your website down the line. If you are looking to build a website, check out The Unconventional RD’s  post on starting a website. I used this post (and You Tube videos!) to build this page.
  • Astra theme*
    • When someone wants to build a website on a budget- my recommended theme is Astra. I started my websites with the free version, then upgraded to the paid version (totally worth it!). It is a “light weight” theme that ensures your website stays at top speed (this is a Google ranking factor) and it has a lot of options to make a visually appealing website. I do use the Elementor page builder plug in for editing the theme in my Word Press account.
  • Canva*
    • Canva is a graphic-design tool that makes it SO easy to make professional looking images. I use Canva for all of the graphics you may see on my websites and social media. You can use the free version of Canva, but I personally pay for Canva Pro*… it’s really not that much money per month and I have access to more images and tools!
  • Flodesk*
    • Are you looking for a low cost and easy to use email marketing tool?! Flodesk is my favorite email marketing platform. I offer a FREE mini-course to walk you through all of the steps for signing-up, setting up, and using Flodesk. Check out my course before taking the plunge!
  • Thinkific*
    • Thinkific is my go-to for creating courses. You can create a free account for your first course. 
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