Welcome Side Hustlers!

Hi! My name is Katie Dodd. I have a full time job & have built a side hustle around blogging (without seeing patients!). I can help you start or perfect the side hustle of your dreams! 
Follow the next steps to get started!

1st: Watch our FREE 24/7 Webinar

Be sure to sign-up to watch our FREE 24/7 webinar, Blogging as a Business.

Learn how to blog as a business; bringing in multiple streams of income, on your own time & from the comfort of your own home, without seeing patients. Blogging has been the core of our side hustle! I would love to show you how blogging can work for you too! 

2nd: Join the Community

Join over 1,000 other dietitians and RD2BEs who are passionate about starting a side hustle in our Dietitian Side Hustle Facebook Community. Be sure to check out our Units tab to get the most out of the community!

3rd: Learn about Us

Learn more about how we can work together on my Coaching Page. Whether you are looking for individual coaching, an independent-study coaching course, or if you are ready to all all in and become a blogger like me! 

4th: Find the Podcast

Subscribe to the Dietitian Side Hustle podcast and continue to be inspired to start or perfect the side hustle of your dreams!

5th: Connect with Us

Send me an email or message on Instagram or Facebook! Let us know you are part of the community & how we can best serve you.

I’m so glad you are here! 

“Everything is possible, even the impossible.”

~Mary Poppins

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